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At AnyWeather Heating and Air we want to help you to improve the life of your system, changing your filters every month is a simple thing that you can do. Below we have a list of the top three reason why it is important to change your filters every month.

Reduce Energy Cost

If your filter is dirty, your system has to work harder and this means more energy is being used. Using more energy will result in higher energy bills.

Air Quality

A dirty air filter can cause your air quality to deteriorate which will present problems with family members who have allergies or asthma.

Extend The Life Of Your System

A dirty filter is a common reason for system break down. A dirty filter can make it difficult for air to pass through, this could cause the system to overheat and can result in repairs or a full system replacement.

Our Maintenance Plan Will Handle This For You And More

AnyWeather Care Plans give you peace of mind knowing that your home will be professionally cared for and maintained by our highly trained comfort specialists. Care Plans are the perfect solution for homeowners who want to avoid the high cost of unexpected repairs. Regular maintenance allows us to catch the little things before they cause larger problems. This can save you money and helps give homeowners an accurate expectation on the remaining life of the system. Homeowners are usually unaware that the system’s manufacturer warranty is void if the system has not been maintained. Our Residential Care Plan is designed to provide the following benefits…

  • All service calls at the discounted rate of $60 (during business hours)
  • 15% discount on all services
  • Priority response to any service call
  • Reduced mechanical failure
  • Improve comfort conditions

If you need help making your home’s heating and cooling system more safe and energy efficient, turn to the experts at AnyWeather Heating and Air. 

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When you trust AnyWeather Heating & Air with your home’s heating, cooling, and air quality needs, you can breathe easy. As a locally owned and operated company, we treat every customer like our neighbor and every home as our own. We proudly offer our HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation, as well as, air quality services to families across Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. We offer high-quality HVAC equipment, reliable care plans, professional repairs, and exceptional customer service, backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee. Our team is dedicated to serving others, and we’re on a mission to build stronger communities, one service call at a time.
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