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Quick transitions from warmer weather to cooler weather are a big reason why it is important that you keep your furnace functioning at its peak performance. The following is a list of a few things that you should keen an eye and an ear out for so your home or office temperature isn’t drastically affected…

Cold Air Being Pushed Throughout the Home or Office By The Furnace

If chilly or lukewarm air is being distributed throughout the house before calling a professional for help, try these 4 furnace troubleshooting tactics.

  • Check the thermostat’s FAN setting
  • Check the furnace’s air filter
  • Check the pilot light
  • Check your condensate line

If you have tried the above solutions but cold air is still coming out of your vents, contacting a trusted expert to take a look is your best option. It is a sign that there is something wrong with your furnace.

Abnormal Utility Bills

Gas and electric bills normally increase a bit in winter when you run your furnace. A steep increase could be a sign of trouble, though. If you’ve been noticing any significant increases in your utility bills, have an HVAC technician check your furnace to see if it’s working properly. You will need a technician that can diagnose your problem accurately before resolving it entirely.

Furnace Keeps Shutting Off and On

Your furnace turns on, runs for a few minutes and then shuts off. Soon after, it turns back on and the process repeats. What’s the problem? Typically, a furnace keeps turning off and on (or “short cycling”) like this because of one of these problems…

  • Heat exchanger is overheating due to low airflow
  • Dirty flame sensor rod
  • You Have an oversized furnace

It cost more to continuously start a furnace up which means higher energy bills. And worse yet, paying more and getting less heating performance. Call a technician before the excessive wear and tear on your system can result in an increased risk of problems and higher repair cost plus a shortened lifespan of your furnace.

HVAC systems are one of the most complex systems that run through your home, so make sure you hire and experience and trustworthy technician to work on it.

AnyWeather Heating & Air can help you heat and cool your home in a way that gets you the most bang for your energy dollar!

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