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The heating and cooling system you choose can have a big impact on your energy costs. Central air conditioning is the norm in the United States, but ductless or mini-split systems are gaining popularity. A small conduit connects the components of a ductless system instead of duct-work. The following is some information about the differences between central and ductless air conditioning systems…

Comparing The Upfront Costs

A ductless system is usually more expensive upfront but if you need to replace your duct-work or your home doesn’t have room for duct-work, central air can be as much as twice the cost as a ductless system. So in many cases, ductless systems are great for new homes and additions. They are also a great choice for historical homes that don’t have duct-work or room for it. In most cases when ductless systems are selected, the old duct-work is sealed off but not removed.

Comparing Installation 

Contractors need a week to install a traditional central air system if there is duct-work already installed. If you need duct-work done, it could be longer. If you don’t have duct work at all, contractors will have to tear-down parts of your walls to install the duct-work. After the installation or repairs to duct-work is made, the damaged areas will need to be repaired and repainted, etc. Unfortunately, in existing homes, valued space like attics, closets, and basements can be used to add the duct-work. Ductless systems require only a day or two of installation. The units are placed in the rooms and the only construction required is drilling a hole in the wall for the conduit. The conduit will be used for power, refrigerant, and the drain to the outdoor unit.

Comparing Energy Costs

With a traditional central air conditioning system, cool air will need to travel through air ducts to reach your rooms. Some of this air will be lost to unconditioned parts of your home or office. Central air systems will need to work harder to push all of this air through your home or office and waste some energy doing so. Ductless systems are more efficient and cool your home faster. Most ductless systems have variable-speed air handlers so they can start at full speed and then lower the fan speed as they reaches the desired temperature for your room. These air handlers stay on so that there aren’t any uncomfortable temperature variations between air pushes. Duct-less systems can use zoning because each unit will have it’s own thermostat or temperature sensors connected to the central thermostat. You can set a different temperature in each zone or area.

Comparing Indoor Air Quality

Overtime… dust, dust mites, pollen, mold, bacteria, and even pest droppings can accumulate inside your duct-work and without regular cleaning and maintenance they will be spread around your home. In the worst cases, your family members could experience flu-like symptoms, skin irritation, worsening asthma, or other problems. Without the duct-work, ductless systems don’t spread these problems.

Comparing Maintenance

With a ductless air conditioning system, you won’t have to inspect, clean, or repair your duct-work. In most cases though, central air conditioning systems will have longer warranties than ductless systems. Routine maintenance will be needed for both systems. Air filters on ductless and central systems will still need to be replaced every 1-3 months depending on the amount of dust you accumulate. All HVAC systems should be inspected by a professional at least once per year.

Looks, Sounds, and the Amount of Units Needed

Ductless systems will be quieter than central air systems inside and out. Depending on how large your home or office is, you may need multiple outdoor units with a ductless system and you many not like the the looks of the system’s indoor units in your home or office. Instead of vents, you will see indoor units that hang on the wall or ceiling in different rooms. There are also floor models, if you prefer.

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