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Unfortunately, when furnaces start to make noises they are trying to tell you that something is broke or about to break. When you hear problems, It’s best to call an HVAC professional quickly so you don’t have to go without heat when it finally does break. The following are some reasons why your furnace is making noise… 

Repeating Clicking Noise

This noise is usually a sign that your furnace’s ignition system is having problems. It could be that your spark igniter is trying to light your pilot light but can’t.

Rattling Noise

This type of noise usually points to you having a problem with something coming loose in your blower assembly, motor, or furnace burners.

Banging Noises

An extremely loud banging noise usually happens when something is broken or disconnected in your blower assembly, motor, or furnace burners.

If you hear a loud banging noise when the furnace turns on but it’s not coming from the furnace unit, it could be that you are hearing your air ducts expand and contract. There should be a very minor pop always with your ducts but if it has turned in to a loud bang than you may have undersized ducts, closed vents, or clogged filters.

If you hear the banging noise as the furnace turns on without any hot air then usually it could be dirty furnace burners that need to be cleaned or replaced. The burners have a problem lighting because they are dirty, which results in extra gas buildup and finally the loud bang. This problem can crack your heat exchanger, so call an HVAC professional quickly. This was the case with the following video…


Even if you can’t fix it yourself, it’s good to know what the problem could be. It’s always best to call an HVAC profession to work on your furnace to keep it running at its best and to not  void your warranty. AnyWeather Heating & Air can help you heat and cool your home in a way that gets you the most bang for your energy dollar!

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