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As temperatures warm in the summer and cool in the winter, many homeowners begin turning on their air conditioners and furnaces and wonder if their home is as energy efficient as possible. After all, it’s not uncommon to witness a significant increase in monthly bills during the warmer and cooler months. But how can you know if that increase is reasonable? To help answer this question, professional HVAC companies encourage homeowners to consider getting a whole-house energy analysis.

What Does A Whole House Energy Audit Entail?

A home energy audit occurs when a professional technician assesses the energy use in your entire house. The expert carefully considers how much energy you typically use and what you can do to be more energy efficient. First, the auditor will consider existing problems in your home, including condensation and drafty rooms. During a home energy audit, a professional HVAC company will look at your yearly energy bills and examine your building and its features. For instance, they’ll need to consider wall area and window sizes. They’ll also ask questions regarding your behavior, such as what the average thermostat setting is throughout the year or how many people live in your home.

How Can a Home Energy Audit Can Benefit You?

This process can be extremely beneficial for homeowners because it helps you better understand your home and its energy consumption. For example, during the inspection, the auditor may find problems with your ventilation. This can impact your heating and cooling costs, which means you’ll save energy – and money – once you have it fixed. Not only can an auditor uncover hidden problems, but they will also provide recommendations to help you be as energy efficient as possible. These recommendations may include everything from behavioral changes, such as turning the air conditioner off when you’re not home, to home renovations that improve insulation.

Watch This Dept. of Energy Video About Home Energy Audits

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