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There are three major ways to heat your home… gas furnaces, heat pumps, or dual fuel heating systems. All three methods have pros and cons, so we created the following post to help you understand the differences…

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are efficient, effective, and popular. You can use natural gas or propane to heat your home. Natural gas is sometimes used for your stove or hot water heater in the summer and your furnace in the winter. A gas furnace’s efficiency is measured as a percentage using an annual fuel utilization ratio (AFUE). A standard efficiency furnace provides 80% AFUE. So that means that 80% of the energy used by the furnace is heating your home and the other 20% is being expelled as exhaust. New model furnaces are more efficient and have AFUE’s of 95% in some cases.

Gas Furnaces Pros…

  • Natural gas is a cost effective way to heat your home or office
  • When it’s very cold, gas furnaces use less energy than other heating options
  • Gas furnaces provide warmer air than alternatives
  • Gas lines are abundant and easy to access

Gas Furnace Cons…

  • Can leave hot and cold spots throughout your home if your furnace is too large or the thermostat is satisfied too quickly
  • Can leave the air dry in the colder months
  • Less efficient than heat pumps
  • Natural gas provides more power than needed when temperatures range from 40-60 degrees
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) risk if your furnace isn’t installed and maintained properly

Heat Pumps

Air conditioners remove heat from your home and put it outside. Heat Pumps remove heat from the outside and pumps it into your home. The inside part of the Heat Pump system contains an air handler with a coil and heating strips. No gas lines are connected to heat pumps. They also don’t use a heat exchanger or combustion to create heat. The air handler moves air over a coil full of hot refrigerant to heat your home. A Fan inside blows the warm air throughout your home.

Heat Pump Pros…

  • Newer heat pumps can handle temperatures that dip below freezing
  • Heat pumps don’t dry your skin as much
  • Heat pumps are more efficient at mildly cool temperatures in the 40-60 degree range
  • No Carbon Monoxide (CO) risk
  • Heat pumps help in the summer also

Heat Pump Cons…

  • Less efficient during very cold temperatures in the 30’s and below
  • Heat pump air isn’t as warm as a gas furnace. It heats your home but it blows cooler than gas furnaces

Dual Fuel Heating Systems

Since heat pumps are very efficient during mildly cool periods and gas furnaces efficient during very cool periods, Dual Fuel Heating Systems can be the most efficient way to heat your home or office in some situations.

Dual Fuel Heating System Pros…

  • The most efficient way to heat your home if your area has mild and very cold weather
  • A great heating option if you don’t have gas lines nearby

Dual Fuel Heating System Cons…

  • You have to buy both the gas furnace and heat pump equipment so that the initial outlay will be more
  • You will see energy cost savings but they will be spread out over a number of years before you recoup your initial investment

Mainteance is Key No Matter Which Heating System to Choose

If your heating equipment isn’t properly maintained it will be less efficient and will eventually fail. It normally fails when you need it most, during very cold periods of weather. It’s best to have your equipment inspected by an HVAC pro at least once a year, before each heating season. These inspections will find small problems before they turn into larger and more expensive problems.

If your HVAC system is aging or is simply not working as well as you think it should be, let our technicians help you understand the status of your current system and explore heat pump options for your home.

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